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  • What the heck did I just stumble into?

    This is the most common question that hits my inbox! If you just stumbled in here from Google you just found a boat load of topless cyborgs, fried pies, and wild side stories.

    This is The World of Null, my cyberpunk universe. The timelines aren't set in stone, and snapshots in time are set across the past (before the year 2000), the present (2001-2020) and the future (2021 and beyond). Sometimes the scenes are interconnected (Firestarter , See You Soon and Apocalyptic Cowboy are related, for example), sometimes they stand alone.

  • Who are you?

    Hello, I'm Sara. I make art for indie games. You can check out my professional portfolio thingamajig on Artstation.

  • Why isn't [insert title] for sale in the store?

    Many pieces came out of my "Cyberpunk Weekend" challenges where I only gave myself a day or two to put a piece together. They're either too small or not detailed enough for printing - but if you really want something printed, send me an email through the Contact Page and I'll see what I can do!

  • I need a portrait!

    You've wandered into the wrong part of the website! You need to head over to The Portrait Lab.

  • Do you do commissions | Can I hire you?

    I do! Shoot an email to or send me a message through the Contact Page .