The Future

2020 and Beyond

Circ: 2095

Death of a Cyborg

"Discarded, descending into the cold dark waters, it was a fitting end."

I think dystopian and post apocalyptic futures draw us in because we've come so far in the last 100 years that we're beginning to have a hard time envisioning what lies ahead us. It's so much easier to look back at sitting around fires and killing things with our bare hands than it is to find a way to build, to grow, to overcome our problems.

No matter how tough stuff gets, remember that the history of humanity is the history of progress. With each new solution comes a new host of problems, but also new joys and new ways to define our humanity. The future is bright :)

Circ: 2055


In the World of Null, life always seems to be happening on the outside.

Circ: 2092

Leaving Earth

We are no longer bounded to this prison, called Earth.

September 8th

Portrait of an Early Transhumanist

“Transhumanism is a funny thing, when you think about it. Someone - an early transhumanist, I think - once said that the human race is an acorn that is unafraid to destroy itself in growing into a tree. But trees, like all living things, die…
I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of dying… At least not for another few thousand years."

Oligarch Tabia Aza, Source Co-Founder

circ 2049

Stolen Moments

"Soul mates are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart."

Circ: 2091

Portrait of an Early Transhumanist II

“I’m so sick of hearing about natural selection. I couldn’t hear or see until I was three years old - there was no dignity, only pain. frustration and fear. And what about my parents? Can you imagine working 16 hour days in a factory, scrimping and saving like my parents did for over five years, to have a child - a child that comes out defective? How disappointing it must have been! If I had been born in the old republic, my parents would have left me under a tree to die of exposure or worse.

I was one of the lucky ones. Some religious group covered the cost of my corrective surgery - but it was completely unnecessary - it could have been avoided altogether!

Pinning all of your hopes and dreams on natural selection is insanity… and if my parents could have afforded testing, much less selection, they would have! We can do better now, and we will do better. Titan will drag the human race kicking and screaming into the 22nd century, if need be.”

He Wei Cheng - Chairman, Titan Medical Corporation 

Circ 2055

Waiting for a Ride

Setting aside all the lore and things for a minute, this is the painting that started The World of Null. To celebrate three years of Null I painted this scene from another perspective (see Vanity). This one will always hold a special place in my heart and remind me of the time I quit smoking :)

CIRC. Late 2026

A Game of Clones

"We always knew that Vladamir Putin was a bit of an ego-maniac, but having to face thousands of tank-bred Putin clones was beyond the pale."

Circ: September 10, 2008

The Right Choice

“Excited scientists turned on the Large Hadron Collider for the first time, while Buttons, God Emperor of Below, awoke from his slumber. As he rose from the snow reborn again, Hector knew he had thrown in his lot with the right power."


"Hercules has receded from perihelion. Native life activity should return to normal levels."

Circ: 2087

Nell Descends

Circ: 2035

The Warm-Up

Click walked by the makeshift train brothels as quickly as he could, but as soon as he smelled the sweet smells of strong Indica and honeysuckle perfume he knew he was done for.

Oh well, he had the money in his pocket, and he could always find ways to make more…

Circ: 2037

The Project

"Gerald watched with great pride as the device was lowered into the ground. They'd all laughed at him, they said his idea to save the world was much too ambitious... but today he'd prove himself right."

Circ: 2029

Midnight Run

– Printer ink scatters the horizon, as your tape player finally screeches to a grinding, glitchy halt. You have reached the end of the universe, but was it really worth it? Japanese characters your only language, roman busts your only companion? Was it -really- worth it? –