The Present

2000 - 2019 C.e.

circ. ???

Apocalyptic Cowboy

Is it a wildfire, is it a nuclear bomb, is it a scene from an end that never was? We may never know.  

A complaint that I only paint robots and cyberpunk spurred this fun twist on the classic country western art motif of the lone cowboy wandering about the countryside on the back of his trusty (and perhaps robotic) horse.

CIRC. ???


In an alternate universe a pyromaniac Marty Mcfly carelessly awaits his ride off the side of I-5.

CIRC. ???

See You Soon

Continuing on our journey through the Dark Ages of the Land of Null, we come across a man welcoming us into the flames. Do you leave the shore in a quest for more?

CIRC. Late 2019

A Cool Rain

“It was hard watching her walk away down that alley with him. But in the end I knew it was for the best - after all, who could keep up with all the maintenance costs a machine like her required?”